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Property Assessments vs. Market Value

Do not rely on your BC assessment for a fair market value of your property.

The ‘assessed’ value was determined last July, your local market may have changed since then.

Do not rely entirely on a buyer’s opinion or a seller’s opinion in a private transaction to determine fair market value.

Do not rely entirely on your neighbours’, friends’, or family members’ opinions for fair market value.

Do consider ordering a marketing appraisal, but do not rely on it 100%… OK maybe 98% on this one though.

Do consider an evaluation by an experienced, active, local Realtor or two, or three. These opinions mixed with a marketing appraisal are the best indicator(s) of a fair market value.

Ignore general media opinions, especially ones that suggest your property has PLUMMETED in value or has SKYROCKETED in value, as either statement is nonsense. Also ignore opinions of armchair experts. Always speak with people who have their feet on the ground and their heads in the game – the real experts.

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Thank you

Dustan Woodhouse