Vive la difference!

Vive la difference!

Although I started my Blog more as a way to communicate market data, policy updates, and the odd bit of ‘opinion’ to my current clients, it seems on occasion it catches the eye of people outside that circle.  i.e. Garth Turner.

titled; ‘The Enabler’ no less.

A term Wikipedia (partially) defines as follows;

Enabling is a term with a double meaning in psychotherapy and mental health.[1]

As a positive term, enabling references patterns of interaction which allow individuals to develop and grow. These patterns may be on any scale, for example within the family,[1] or in wider society as “Enabling acts” designed to empower some group, or create a new authority for a (usuallygovernmental) body.

Being a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy I will embrace this definition.  🙂

The piece referenced was found either in the pages of New Homes magazine, or perhaps on the Money Talks site.

I am perhaps being given more credit (or dis) than I deserve for market influence.  My total market share of purchase files standing at 116 out of more than 71,700 local purchase transactions for 2013.

Total personal market share for 2013 trending for 0.00162%.  Which actually keeps me quite busy.

When asked for my opinion, which I was for the piece in question, it is most often an Optimistic one that I will offer.  If  this is a fault, it is one with which I can live.

As far as what is ‘unsustainable’.  In the spirit of oversimplification I would suggest with current mortgage arrears rates at 0.31%; The market indicates current metrics are sustainable for 99.69% of homeowners.

~47% of homeowners in Vancouver have no mortgage at all.

It is also worth noting that the average mortgage in BC is ~285,000 which is well in line with the average income figure.

As for the image(s) chosen for Mr. Turners post, the first is not I.  However the lower one is and although grateful to have been invited to the Fisker launch and caught by photographer Georgia Esporlas, in real life I actually drive a pretty dull domestic pick-up truck.  The hat is mine though.

I look forward to revisiting this topic again with Mr Turner in 2023 and seeing where things went.  No doubt we each have our opinions and will continue to share them with those interested.

Vive la difference!

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