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Whatever today may mean for you and your family, may it be Merry!

Enjoy this Christmas Carol…by Goats, and read on.

For many today is a religious event, for others it is all about a happy guy in a red suit distributing toys, and for others it is just another Friday. If nothing else I am sure we can all agree this is a day to universally slow it down just a notch. A perfect day to call up family and/or friends and take a moment to pass on some kind words. This actually sounds like a great plan for the other 364 days of the year as well, note to self.

If the troops in the trenches in World War One could all agree to take a day off from battling each other, then surely we can all get along too. Even with our more ‘challenging’ relations. (I think perhaps I am my families ‘challenging’ relation)

As many of us enjoy the warmth of time spent with loved ones, safe homes, and hearty meals please know that simply by being on this email list you helped add warmth to somebodies life.

In lieu of a card we have instead made a two dollar donation on behalf of each of the 1,516 subscribers which in turn will put socks on the cold damp feet of two people, perhaps children, perhaps elderly. The feet of the homeless come in many sizes and ages.

3,032 pairs of socks may sound like a lot, it is not.

The sock-budgets of the shelters (at a buck a pair) range from 12,000 to 20,000 pairs annually.

We are well on our way to making a dent though!

Love and be loved.

Have a peaceful day.

Dustan Woodhouse