Business Partners

Listed below are some of the premium partners in the industry that I work with.

All of these companies and individuals represent excellent client experiences in the past, if your name or your companies name is not here let me know, this is a work in progress.


listed in alphabetical order are stellar Realtors that my clients have worked with over the years.  All of them focus on a specific geographic area which they know intimately and serve exceptionally well.

Avgerinos, Bill – Tri-Cities

Colpitts, Colin – Ridge/Meadows – Tri Cities – North Van, West Van

Colpitts, Brian – Calgary, AB

Isaak, Willi – Anmore/Belcarra & Tri Cities

Lu, Simon – Burnaby / East Vancouver

Mandelcorn, Elliot – Tri Cities

Martin, Patti – Richmond

Pilgaard, Bente – Denman Island

Reimers, David – Kits

Scarr, David – Kits

Wong, Gary – Downtown, Vancouver West, Richmond



Although I cover 100% of clients appraisal costs in 99.0% of residential transactions and my clients will not have to worry about this step of the process, I still list the one company I use the majority of the time.

Lawrenson Walker Realty Advisors Ltd.

A quality team!


Legal Services

My own office is based in the head offices of Spagnuolo & Co in Coquitlam.  As such it works out well to have my clients utilize Spagnuolo & Co as I am able to be on site for the majority of client signings as well as vet all closing documents in advance so there are no surprises when you sit down to sign off on your Real Estate transaction.

Spagnuolo & Co is recognised as one of the leading conveyance firms in BC.  Their process’ is a highly organised one and flows smoothly to keep stress at a minimum for the clients. With offices throughout the lower mainland and beyond and appointments available Saturdays and as late as 8pm (Wednesdays) there is lots of flexibility offered.

We also offer a $250.00 legal free credit available specifically through the offices of Spagnuolo & Co.

This is accomplished via a direct credit to your statement of adjustments from my office.

What we get for our money is assurance of a smooth closing process for our clients.


Real Estate Services

360 Hometours – Dan Kirchner is an exceptionally talented individual.  He will make your home look so great you may not want to sell it once you review his photos.  Stellar work. – An interesting new site that offers a depth of data not always easily found on various properties.


Insurance Services

Mark Banath @

Jeff Fawcett  – Fawcett Insurance Services

Tom Siracusa @ –


Financial Services

Certified Accounting – Brock Norwich @

Certified Financial Planning – Shaun Muc @


Real Estate Investment resources;

Ozzie Jurock

Real Estate Action Group


Renovations & Construction 


Tighe Lefebvre @ TerraFirma Industries – Outstanding attention to detail and professional service.

Fraser Valley

Will Graham – Wills attention to detail and obsession with accurate quotes is extremely refreshing.  604.671.9149


Silver fern A truly Trustworthy contractor – Anthony Joyce.  Great Guy!