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This post is specifically not asking for donations. In fact there is no link to my 2016 Ride to Conquer Cancer page at all.


This post is meant to trigger bigger action on the part of at least one reader, perhaps a few. The reader who likes a challenge, likes first-class service, and wants to do some good.


The challenge


How about a wee bicycle ride?


Not a road-bike type? That’s cool, me neither. You can do it anyways.


I prefer a day in the dirt on knobby tires myself. Mostly because road-cycling feels a tad risky. To ride on soft(ish) dirt surrounded by foliage we prepare with armour as a medieval knight would, yet to ride on concrete surrounded by 5,000-lb metal missiles piloted by distracted drivers we prepare as though we are going to the beach, with a tiny Styrofoam floatie strapped to our heads. But we look sleek and cool.


Once or twice a year I get into the rhythmic roadie nirvana in a safe environment that works for me. It might work for you.


Borrow a proper road bike, get it fitted properly.


Hit the Grouse Grind twice a week for six to ten weeks as your training.


And you too can make this ride.



First class


Full tech support, full meals and beverages provided, and never out of sight of technical assistance.


Even a warm place to sleep is provided.


It is a seriously well run production.



Do some good


‘I don’t wanna fundraise.’


Me neither.


So don’t.


There are readers of this post who could use a $2,500.00 tax deduction.


So why not a tax deductible fully supported, all inclusive, 2-day 200km cycling tour through our own backyard with a crowd of great people.


All for just $2,500.00 (should you opt to self-fund and request donations)





Don’t like fundraising?

Love a personal challenge?

A bit nervous about road-riding?

Don’t want to have to fix your own flats?

Looking to spend some money on a powerful experience?

Looking to see your money to go towards an important cause?


Here is your opportunity: sign up!

Email me for the team code if you want to be a part of Riders for Ryders





Not sure you could manage such a ride?


Click here and read this man’s story, and if you still feel like you cannot make the ride but want to make a donation then please make it to Michaels ride. Few among us would have to work as hard on this ride as Michael, but here he comes again for 2016!


Join him, or support him.


Thank you.