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Especially pertinent to Vancouver locals over the past three years where subject free offers, bidding wars, and paying over ask have continued unabated month after month (including Dec, Jan & Feb when most of the market and city was frozen over)

The hot topic of Condition Free Crazy-town

That story is largely one of government inaction.

So what has the Federal Government been up to?

Here is a four part series…

Part 1 – Taxpayer Backed Mortgages – Low Risk, High Reward

Part 2 – Whisky, Wine, And Weakness In Ottawa

Part 3 – Debt-To-Income Ratio: A Meaningless Metric

Part 4 – The Glass Houses Of Parliament

Your feedback on the ideas put forth on this collection is welcome, as are comments posted on the hosting sites.

Constant improvement is what I strive for.

Watch for at least another four pieces on ‘the unintended consequences of the Governments intended consequences‘ (say that three times fast)

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