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“It’s best to start the discipline of generosity when the amounts are small. It’s easy to give ten cents out of a dollar; it’s a little harder to give a hundred thousand out of a million.”

Jim Rohn

This is one of the two times per year I bug people to part with a few dollars, I define ‘a few’ as ten bucks.  Once in June for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and each Movember.

in both instances I direct donations Here.  The funds wind up in the right spot either way.

Gentleman, this Movember channel your inner Tom Selleck, Cop, or any of the Village People.  Whatever works for you.  Contributing to a good cause by doing less work that you already do each morning – this is the perfect guy-charity.

Ya OK, many of us are in the ultra low grooming beard phase, and this actually means more shaving (work) each day for a month.

For the clean-shaven man though, we are talking 45 seconds every morning now instead of 60.  Over the month of Movember that is 7.5 minutes of additional free time saved.

Spend it wisely.

Sign up for Movember here.

Donate Here.

Thank you.