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First Time Home Buyers

Are you a first-time buyer?

Step one is a Mortgage PreApproval (read up on what this is really about)

Please note the down payment changes of 2016 if you are shopping in the $500,000 and up price range – Click Here for a down payment calculator

This transaction is likely the largest single purchase, and biggest investment decision you will ever make. I am here to help you through the maze of lender options, mortgage documentation, and terminology.

There is no shortage of information online, which is the problem for most people…too much information.

For a simpler process, and experienced advice, please give me a call @ 604.351.1253.

By the end of a thirty minute conversation (on average) you will have a solid idea of how much mortgage money you qualify for (this varies from lender to lender by as much as 20%) .

you will also have rates locked in for 120 days.  not just a single 5 year fixed rate, but a wider variety of options many of which are well worth discussing.

85% of the mortgages I assist with are placed either with TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank or another mainstream lender with a branch network.  If you already bank with one of these institutions then there is all the more reason to enlist my (FREE) services as I often know the products of each lender better than the lenders themselves.

Most importantly I do not vanish at the end of the transaction, we will connect on at least an annual basis to ensure that no better options have arisen or to work through a move to a new property – whatever the situation, my expectation is to work with you throughout the life of the mortgage.