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On February 1st and 2cnd I was lucky enough to be included as a speaker at Michael Campbell’s – 2013 World Outlook Conference.

Although my own presentation was not filmed for the post event online video access I strongly believe that the debate between Ozzie Jurock and Michael Levy by itself validates the price of admission.  Very entertaining and enlightening.  You have to see it!

Also very informative and entertaining was the presentation by Dr. Martin Murenbeeld of Dundee Wealth.

You will find a link below to the slideshow that accompanied my talk about some of the challenges and opportunities ahead in the Mortgage and Real Estate market for 2013.

Mentioned in the slide show are the OFSI and the B20 – both acronyms those in the Real Estate world will become more familiar with over the coming months.  I have written about what they are and the initial impact in previous posts.

Click below for the slideshow;

2013 World Outlook Conference presentation

I hope that you find it useful.  Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Dustan Woodhouse